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About Me
Hi, my name is Ann Mendez Hearing and thank you for viewing my webpage. 
I have lived in Exeter Township with my husband, Steve Hearing (who is a 1986 graduate from ETHS), since 1996.  We are both chiropractors and own a practice in the historic district of Reading.  We have on son, Deacon Jay who is a Freshman at ETHS.  
A few years ago, at a time when I was not volunteering as much as I had hoped, I noticed that our school district was accepting applications to interview for a 2 year seat on the school board.  I do not have an education background but I do have a big desire in being aware of my sons education as well as being extremely involved as a parent. 
I was chosen for the 2 year seat and spent those two years fully applying myself in the position.  I attended as many meetings and submeetings as possible.  I took the School Director training that was available to me as well as learning as much as I can about our school and its needs. 
Over the past two years that I have not been on the board I have been extremely involved in ET parent community support groups and going to School Board meetings as a parent.  
I am running for school board director to have a hand in making sure that our tax money is going appropriately to educating the children in our community.  As a tax payer in our community I am concerned about where exactly that money is going and would like to do all I can to prevent any further increases.
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Issues our school community faces
  • Bus facility: we have outgrown the property we have for parking our buses; the building has a lot of needed repairs; and there is a shortage of bus drivers
  • Safety issues for our kids: do we provide our schools with armed security?
  • High propert tax:  which increases almost every year